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Add an image inside lang.core.php

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Help please I have been trying to customize the error messages for users that have no permissions that need to upgrade. I have been able to edit the text simple and even add a link to click onto to upgrade but I am trying so hard to add an image, I have tried different ways and upload the lang.core.php file it takes down the entire website so I have to remove the lines and re-upload again. What I have tried is the following.

"no_action" =>
"You cannot perform this action please upgrade your account <a href=\"/index.php?m=account_upgrade\" target=\"_self\"> <img alt\="" src=\"/media/images/upgrade.png\"
style=\"border: 0px solid; width: 259px; height: 55px;\"></a> .",

"no_action" =>
"You cannot perform this action please upgrade your account <a href=\"/index.php?m=account_upgrade\" target=\"_self\">here</a> ."
echo "<img src=\"media/images/upgrade.png\" title=\"upgrade\" alt=\"upgrade\" />",

asked 7 years ago in Languages by anonymous
edited 7 years ago by admin

1 Answer

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you can´t use more " signs in lang files ...
it is why your site don´t work any more ...
often with a white page instead of a working page.

only use " in beginning and in the end of a lang string !
(so between this tags you can have html code without " signs)

I know in some software we can´t use images in languages files.

one example you can try: it is only a example: I don´t know if it´s work.
<img src= border=0>
I will be back later and see if I can give you the right html code.

answered 7 years ago by admin (11,810 points)
edited 7 years ago by admin

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