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One unneeded Language

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since updating from 2.6 to 2.7 there is a third language in my vld system. Means: there ist no third directory in "Languages", but my CP  shows THREE languages when translating English to German. One time English and two times German. Does anybody know how to eliminate this language.


THX - Juergen
asked 7 years ago in Languages by prysma (220 points)
had you solve this ? I need to know so I can close the question !

2 Answers

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Hi guys,

You just need to delete it correctly. You can't just go and delete lang directory, you needed to go to CP-Settings-Languages and hit Uninstall language first. But now you don't have that language in list there. Do you remember what was the folder name of 3d language? Let's assume it was "dutch".

Then here is step-by-step way to fix:

1. Create new folder "dutch" at your languages directory and copy from your "german" to "dutch"

2. then edit file, it's author to "Juergen" so you know that it's fake German when you're in list.

3. Go to your CP-Languages list and find your fake German and hit Uninstall. Voila!

Now you can safely delete folder and you won't see second german anywhere anymore.
answered 7 years ago by radioact (460 points)
HI radioact,
thanks for your help. Unfortunaltely this does not solve the prob. Rather it now produces a THIRD German language in CP.

I guess the falt is a former update from 2.6. to version 2.7. After this update the additional German language appeared. And I don´t know why this happens.

My SQL-DB has additional fields which are not erasable via the procedure you suggested. I would be happy to find a person who is able to solve the falt in my database. May be a good coder reads this and could offer help. Of course this shouldn´t be without any fee. Some bucks are possible .-)

Greetings from Germany
>May be a good coder reads this and could offer help. Of course this shouldn´t be without any fee.

Yes, you are talking about me :) $25 bucks and you'll forget this issue in half an hour :) just send me email to with your site's ftp details.
Thanks for your "Premium-Suport", radioact ;-)
All is fine now!
Great that it worked out ...
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I think you can try to reset counter in cp.

utilies ... update counters

or empty your cache !

go to Settings   » Templates   
your templates (example:Webby2)
clear cache  click this icon !

Hope it will help ... if not please tell me !

answered 7 years ago by admin (11,810 points)
edited 7 years ago by admin
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately i don´t know here to reset the counter. What counter is this? Does it count the number of language files?

login on your cp (controlpanel)
go to Utilies (in your header menu)
Update counters

This function will recalculate all of your system counters. This is useful if you manually import users, pictures, etc.
Do not stop the process until it's finished. It may take some time depending on the number of members you have.

click on Submit (it will not harm your system)

it reset all counters ! after that the database will show right counters/stats on your site ;)
that version do you have ? I think this was a bug in older version !
if you had it in a newer version I think we must check thats wrong !
Puhh... .-)
I´m on version 2.7 and template Blackdates by Luvpoint.
When i open CP --> Utilities there is no point "Update Counters". My menu looks different from yours.

This is what i have:
 Manage members
 Manage pictures
 Manage music
 Manage videos
 Manage events
 Search members
 Purge content
man you are not logged in on dashboard (cp)

look at this demo on vldpersonals...

(Administrative area)
Username: admin
Password: demo

( )

If you don´t find it now please contact me here ( ) so I can look at your site ! and help you find a solution for this !
Hi guys! First of all: THX
I started the procedure and resetted all counters - but this does not help. Still THREE languages in CP and TWO (English and German) in my ftp directory (library/languages). Please have a look at the screenshot:

I´m absolutely helpless ;-)

Nice weekend for all here.
okey I will ask our php coder that he think about it !
back soon with a answer but  this will not harm your site.
but I´m sure you know this already ;)
Okay I see now that he has already answered your question
Radioact is a very great php coder and VldMods recommend him.

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