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hi after logout button clicked goes to white page

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my code in the lib.account.logout.php is :



// Redirect back to index page
is this right i want after logout to go to homepage but just a white screen appears and even in view source i can see anything on that page but the logout works though !!  dont get it ?????
asked 10 years ago in Others by gman (120 points)

1 Answer

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that had you change and there ?

not easy tell you then we canĀ“t see how it was before ..

no chance remember all code we have in vldpersonals :)

redirect( VIR_PATH . ($PREFS->conf['fancy_urls'] ? "splash.html" : "index.php?m=splash") );

if you have a splash.html page in the root of your site ... (there you have your index)

answered 10 years ago by admin (11,810 points)
edited 10 years ago by admin

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