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How do i display register form at the front page?

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I am using vldpersonals version 2.5.2 and the template i am using is (socialtype) and i was wondering how can i display the register form at the front page at the top right hand side?

Example my Register sign up form looks like this 

I think this can be done by CSS not so sure how to get exacle layout how i want it...
Please would someone help me out here yes

asked 12 years ago in Mods by thugzanime (170 points)

4 Answers

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I have done a popup modal overlay register form for vldpersonals
(register/login if it is needed) the images show the both !
if someone need it please contact me and I show you a demolink to it !

answered 11 years ago by admin (11,810 points)
edited 11 years ago by admin
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yes it can be done with css ... but also you must change/use right calls so the forms (session) will work for the frontpage ... I know it can be little tricky !
will be back soon and tell you how to do !

I found a post here about it !
and here is
one more !

read it first later I will make a guide/tutorial how to do it the right way ;)

answered 12 years ago by admin (11,810 points)
edited 12 years ago by admin
Hi Admin! Thank you for the respond, i will check the links you have proved me. I will let you know if everything went just fine :)
I have check the links and i have gived a go but not much of help, i will just wait for your  tutorial
yes I know it was only a point to let you know it is a few post on the vldpersonals forum about it but no one had share how they did it ! but I will soon ;)
Thank you so much for your generosity, I’m looking forward for your tutorial. I Have also one more last question about how to set up checkout payment page? but i will save that for latter for new question. I hope am not eating much of your time

Once more time i am greatfull for the support
Thank you
Hey admin, any luck?
soon my friend ... I had a big customize work I must done first ...after that I can make a tutorial how to do so please give me a few days more ;) have patience !
Sure Admin please do take your time not so much though ^-^
plz add me on facebook and check out my art work :D

okay tonight I will do a tutorial when my little puppy asleep. I bought a puppy yesterday,

she is so cute;) (

Aww Bless they all look cute the puppys. is your one the black one?

And for sure I cant wait for the tutorial ^-^
Thank you
yes it is mine the black one ...
hey I must ask you one question:
it is only the css you had problems with ?
had you solve how to make the register work on the front ?

read this: ( )
and this: ( )
I manage to do the css for the front page but i cant get to display the register form at the front page.
okey first you must make 3 blocks ... (columns)
sidebar (left) content (middle) sidebar (right)
now you had only 2 blocks (columns)! in your templates !

read this first: ( )
and this: ( )
Sorry Admin maybe I should have explain myself bit more clearly.

I have found the links very helpful for the future Thank you.
But really it is not what I need; I don’t wish to add a new block (columns) at the right hand side.

On my template socialtype it has two Columns, Left and the content. Now on the content it’s displaying members online and popular members and welcome text, so I open my homepage.tpl and I removed the codes I don’t need and I left what I need only.

I started to add my own code to display what I needed. Then I was trying to display the register form but I couldn’t get it to display it at the homepage.tpl I don’t know how to display a short code. For example I mange to display the quick search by using a short code like this {search:fields="gender1|gender2|age|country",cache_time=0,cache_name="new"}

And it work fine and is where I need it :)
And I was wondering if it is a possible using a short code like what I have used to displaying a quick search but for the register form?

Thank you
okey now I understand ...

sorry we can´t use shortcode for registerform !

I will check with our coders if they can make a mod for this ;)
Alright, Thank You.
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Okey now it is a mod for this.
you can found it on vldmagic

Easy Signup USD $18.00

answered 12 years ago by admin (11,810 points)
0 votes
You have to place the 'User login' block, either in the Left Sidebar or right one, or in your header, or in your content area. Go to admin/build/block. As far as 'per page' visibility of this block, click on the Configure link next to the 'User login' block — on that same page. This will bring you to admin/build/block/configure/user/0. Scroll down. Look at the fieldset with title 'Page specific visibility settings'. Select this radio button: 'Show on only the listed pages.' Then, under 'Pages', write this:

answered 11 years ago by redfox1939 (380 points)
edited 11 years ago by admin

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