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Donation & Payments

Payments (you can read the price list in the bottom of this page)
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Please donate me even if I had support you for free !

Sometimes I try to help you for free but it takes a lot of my time.

If you have used my free support and it has helped you.

Please donate me $ 10 or more so I can continue to help you.

Thanks for your Support!


Service Payment
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Tingeling  love2u.se = donate 25 usd

Price list of the most common design job and customize work I can do for you .
(I made this list because I daily get questions about prices etc.)

1. install a free mod and integrate it on your site. 5 – 10 usd
offer: (if you don´t know how to install a free mod I will do it for a fee)
price difference: (depends of how much I must customize it to fit your site)

2. install a forum and integrate it on your site. 25 – 45 usd
offer: (integrate vldpersonals members with your forum script and use the same database)
price difference: (depends of how much I must customize it to fit your site)

3. install and redesign a templates for vldpersonals. 295 – 495 usd
offer: (I can rebuild all sort of templates so it suit and work with vldpersonals templates system)
price difference: (depends of how much I must customize it to fit your site)
my comments: (it take much time to get all functions and coding to work in a templates)

4. logo and banners for vldpersonals and for all kinds of websites. 35 – 75 usd
offer: (I can make all sort of logos and banners for you) (I can help you give you suggestions)
price difference: (depends of how much I must customize it to fit your site) (color icons size font etc)

5. insert a facebook likebox on vldpersonals 15 – 25 usd
requirements: (I must have the iframe code from you !) ( I tell you how to do !)
price difference: ( depends of  the integration should be on your sites front/sidebar or both )

6. upload and install vldpersonals software on your webhost 25 – 35 usd
requirements: (you need the software and license from vldpersonals)
offer: (I change the templates and languages for your decision and activate the licenskey)
price difference: (depends if I should make the the most important settings on your site or if you want to do it yourself )

I will fill the list all the time with mods price etc. coming soon ..

this is only price examples and are obviously much cheaper if I do more customize work on your site
and of course we can discuss everything about price changes mods etc. so do not be afraid to ask me.

Regards/gugu (vldmods.com)

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