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Register Step by Step Mod

Okey now it is here … I have build a step by step mod since many clients had ask me to do it.

If you need it please contact me ( it is a paymod ! ) price 39 usd …

Since one of my clients
give me the first positive comment about this mod.
I will give the mod for free to him as a Christmas Present !

Now it  have a auto detect function so it know how many profile fields categories who is active !
( so if it is 3 categories it is show 3 steps )( if it is 4 categories it will show 4 steps )

a step by step counter and a progress meter so you can see all the register steps !
( next version = validation ! better styling ! )

About the Author: gugu

Hey ... I´m the owner of this site ;) If you need help customize your vldpersonals site. Please ask me and I will try to help you. Enjoy reading !

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  • hey, your register step by step mod is really great.