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Register Step by Step Mod

Okey now it is here … I have build a step by step mod since many clients had ask me to do it. If you need it please contact me ( it is a paymod ! ) price 39 usd … Since one of my clients give me the first positive comment about this mod. I will give the mod for free to him as a Christmas Present !


Birthday Icon on members profile.

Another mod I had done because I think we need for vldpersonals then a member have birthday a birthday icon popup beside members age. So now we know then they have birthday and can send a Happy Birthday Gift to this member. The Birthday Mod cost 18 usd. 


Popup Register/Login Form for VldPersonals

Hey guys I had now build a Modal Overlay Register/Login Popup Form for one of my clients/customers. Now It is a Paymod ! price 59 usd. (Can be used as Register or Register/Login Form)(or for adult sites with own text and images) . (it use cookies and can be changed to open once / days, weeks, month, years.)


Payson modul for vldpersonals

Our php coder have now build a new payment modul for vldpersonals 2.7. If you need it please contact me  and we integrate it for you … price: 89 usd.


Blog Comments rating mod.

It might happend to you too that you came across a blog comment that is not really crossing the red line of website terms


New Blogeditor

With this mod your members will get the ability to add pictures and links and change font size and also font colors in their blogs .


Tool Tip Registration Mod

How to make a tool tip registration  for your vldpersonals site. A great tutorial made of db3204 on vldcrowd. and the mod is made of radioact. Now when a new member signs up and puts their mouse in a registration field, instructions for that field pops up.

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