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I´m working with it just now. so please be patience.
I will try all old mods/tutorials and try to update them !

Here is a good start to begin customize your site.
all this post is from vldpersonals forum.

The editor is seeme101.  (thanks a lot seeme101)

(you had done a great job to find all this forumpost)

my comments: the most tutorials is for 2.5.3
and they change some codings in version 2.5.5.
so please try it and see if it works with newer versions.
if it does please write about it on the forum so we all knows.

Think about some tutorials working and some not !
so please follow the forumpost to get your answers !


1 – Hello username after login this post

2 – Display membership type this post

3 – Go back Link for news Page this post

4 – Notify Admin of new reports this post

5 – Add cancel button to member profile this post

6 – Username in browser title bar this post

7 – Gender based no photo image this post

8 – Display Gender based ads this post

9 – How to add adsense code to your site this post

10 – Flashing chat request instead of pop-up window this post

Part II

1 – Add favicon to your site this post

2 – Add tool tips to Member images this post

3 – Display information to logged in members only this post

4 – Show all member online now this post

5 – Display gender icon next to Member name this post

6 – Display Member online / offline status indicator this post

7 – Add read / not-read by receiver marker on private messages this post

8 – Add form field hints this post

9 – Display different information for paid and non-paid members this post

10 – Navigation by page numbers in control panel this post

Part III

1 – How to add banners this post

2 – Alert members before they reach the Private messaging limit this post

3 – Allow member to add and display Zodiac signs on their profile this post

4 – Add Delete / Edit profile options to front end (accessed by Admin only) this post

5 – Make a canceled member page with feedback form this post

6 – Automatic add profile image to blog / add profile link to blog this post

7 – Add username to pictures and photos in control panel this post

8 – Add AdSense to the header (top) of your site this post

9 – Allow members to add live (links) URL’s to their profile this post

10 – Embed a forum into your vld website this post

Part IV

1 – Remove message response number in messages this post

2 – Display content only if on homepage this post

3 – Display content only if NOT on homepagethis post

4 – Language dependent Terms of Service this post

5 – Change the header Graphic on Homepage this post

6 – Make welcome page with feedback form this post

7 – New columns in Control Panel to manage members this post

8 – Quick search links for search by city this post

9 – No contact until after Admin. approves uploaded photo this post

10 – Display members celebrating a birthday today this post

Part V

1 – How to change date formatting this post

2 – Add caption and link to member pictures on profile zoom image this post

3 –Member links Mod/ display friends only if the member has friends this post

4 – Add comment entry text box to your custom pages this post

5 – Display total number of events on your events calender this post

6 – Change your site email server this post

7 – How many characters left mod this post

8 – Human friendly date formatting this post

9 – YouTube embed code mod. this post

10 – Add next image link to hot or not rating page this post

Part VI

1 – Bypass required field in Control Panel edit Members this post

2 –  Show total number of Males and Females in Contorl Panel this post

3 –  Display Last members city, and thumbnails this post

4 –  Create a New Field for Marketing and / or Referral Purposes this post

5 –  AJAX Username Check – taken names AND banned names this post

6 –  Stats extension, Show count “Registered Today” this post

7 –  Adding Featured Member sorting function this post

8 –  Display Member Last Log in date this post

9 –  Minimum word-count for text areas this post

10 –  Don’t show certain text on registration page this post

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