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Please read this first ! I had collect different post from vldmods .
(I hope it will be more easy for you to find mods now )
we had also collect some tutorials from vldpersonals forum.

if I had mark it with a Recommended  I had approve it,
and soon we should have it on our testcommunity site so you can try it !
I will tell you about it on every mod, if we have it on our community.

We take no responsibility for mods and other things that are here.
Remember to never give out your ftp details without ask us about it before.
Then you buy a mod you must download it and try to install/customize it self.
If you can´t do it themselves let me know and I’ll help you, we know who you can trust.
I know some mods authors will install/customize it themself. the problems is here below.

Q: ( Why should we download it ? )
A:  then you update your site in future you must update your mods to !
(so save your mods you had download so you can use it again)(don´t share it !)

(if you are the author for a mod and will change the text or images, please contact me !)
(if you find a mod you don´t think works or is a bad mod please tell us about it here !)
please use our feedback on the frontpage to contact us.

Maybe you don´t know that version the mods  is for, please ask the author for the mod.
and always make a backup of files or your site before you try to customize it.
so you can restore it if something goes wrong. If you don´t know how to do please contact me.