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Translate to multiple languages

I had get this question a few times now I think it´s better I tell you about it here instead :)
you have something like this code:
and you will translate Welcome and You have 1 new message!

<br><font size=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Welcome {session.username}.
<!– IF {session.newmessages} #==”1″ –>
You have 1 new message!
instead of words you must insert new lang strings code instead of:
( Welcome, You have 1 new message! )

<br><font size=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;{lang:”custom”,”total_welcome”} {session.username}.
<!– IF {session.newmessages} #==”1″ –>
open your lang.custom.php (/includes/languages/)
now you can make new lang strings so you can translate it.

“total_welcome” =>
“total_newmessages” =>
translate the word welcome and newmessages.
( and you must do this for all your languages !
I have total_ in this example but of course you can change the name to you own ;)

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