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profile_label fix for vld 2.5.5

I think {members:} is the mighty King of vldPersonals extensions.
Some of you who moved to vldPersonals v.2.5.5 probably faced that you can’t pass profile_gender1=”” as param calling extension. That’s not a bug or something…
In a nutshell if you don’t care what Profile types is and not going to add more (having default one) you may open your ext.member.php and replace sql query with this one:

 $result = $DB->query(“SELECT m.*, if(m.totalvotes,m.totalscore/m.totalvotes,0) as ratings
FROM ” . DB_PREFIX . “members AS m, ” . DB_PREFIX . “members_data_members AS d ” .($visitors_id ? “, ” . DB_PREFIX . “visitors AS v” : “”).”
WHERE m.member_id=d.data_id AND m.active=’1′ AND m.group_id NOT IN (“.$PREFS->conf[‘pending_member_group’].”,”.$PREFS->conf[‘canceled_member_group’].”)
“.($visitors_id ? “AND v.member_id=$visitors_id AND v.visitor_id=m.member_id” : “”).” $wheresql
ORDER BY $orderby $orderdir
LIMIT $limit”);

From this moment you can pass profile_label parameters as search criteria.
One moment though. Using this fix you can’t use checkbox type values.

Good luck!

For later versions all you need is just to pass one more parameter ,types=1 and extension will understand profile_lable param without any sql query changes.


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thanks Ramil (radioact)

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