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Banner Tutorial

By default the banner code is in the template header.tpl in two places. Here is an image of what the code looks like

By seeing what the code looks like, it will help you understand how to use banners.

Now, lets look at your control panel for creating a banner





Banner on Front End in the Header

That pretty much covers the basics. If you look at step 2 above, you will notice there is a Banner group called Sidebar. Basically you go through the same steps if you want to add a banner to the side of your site. If you do, this will display on every page  on the side of your site

Advanced Uses

You can add your own banner group and within that group you can add your banner. You can also add more than one banner to the same group. We will break it down and do each.

First lets see how to create your own group and add a banner to that group.

Now it is time to see how to add another banner to the same group and how to code your template. Lets use the header group for our tutor.

If you look at step 4 above for the header group, we added a banner with a label of google01. We can add another banner to the same group. Not hard to do, but to display it in your template you have to know how to code it. Lets do the steps.

If you are scratching your head and thinking that adding a new Group or adding a another banner to an existing Group accomplishes the same thing, I would agree. However, I’m sure there is some coding advantage to which way to go if you are in to all those if statements and such. I will leave that up to people smarter than I on which way is better for their needs.

That’s it.

Please note that you can only do this with a commercial license. If you have a personal license, the banner feature is not available. Instead, for personal license, you have to add your banner code (i.e. adsense) directly into the template.

thanks dan for this tutorials

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