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Popup Register/Login Form for VldPersonals

Hey guys I had now build a Modal Overlay Register/Login Popup Form
for one of my clients/customers. Now It is a Paymod ! price 59 usd.

(Can be used as Register or Register/Login Form)(or for adult sites with own text and images) .
(it use cookies and can be changed to open once / days, weeks, month, years.)

I will integrate it for you. Must customize some files and change css style.

(it is different for every templates) then I had integrate it for you on your site
and need to change the templates in the future the support/change/move is free.

The mod include 5 files and take 30 – 45  minutes for me to integrate on your site !

Please contact me if you need it …

Printscreen for frontpage :



It can be css styled so it is in middle, on the right, or on the left,  on your frontpage.

The choice  is yours ;) tell me there you need it to popup ! standard it is in the middle !

all content in the background is not clickable then the popup is activated and only then you

hit the submit or login button it will redirect you to the register or login on your site !

For Adult Sites:

It can also be done with a popup with own text and own images (a girl maybe)
I did it for a customer and he was happy for that …

(working this way=you must click a button “I accept” I am 18 year … before you can access the site)

I can also build a new popup for you with images text , thatever you need ;) the choice is yours …ask me !

About the Author: gugu

Hey ... I´m the owner of this site ;) If you need help customize your vldpersonals site. Please ask me and I will try to help you. Enjoy reading !

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