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Terms of service multi languages

How can i translate a Terms of service to another language ?

do it in this way … I think this is the best solution on it …

add for every language a new custom page … in controlpanel …

I did this on my site … add this in your footer:
<!– IF loggedin_language == “english” –>
{anchor:url1=”page/tos/”,url2=”index.php?m=pages&p=tos”,name=”Terms of service”} |

<!– IF loggedin_language == “portuguese” –>
{anchor:url1=”page/tos_br/”,url2=”index.php?m=pages&p=tos_br”,name=”Membro Regras”} |

<!– IF loggedin_language == “spanish” –>
{anchor:url1=”page/tos_es/”,url2=”index.php?m=pages&p=tos_es”,name=”Miembro Reglas”} |

<!– IF loggedin_language == “german” –>
{anchor:url1=”page/tos_de/”,url2=”index.php?m=pages&p=tos_de”,name=”Mitglied Regeln”} |

<!– IF loggedin_language == “swedish” –>
{anchor:url1=”page/tos_se/”,url2=”index.php?m=pages&p=tos_de”,name=”Medlems Regler”} |


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  • Do you have more great articles like this one?

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    • VldMods

      @Sagar: Yes it will be new tutorials every week.

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