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How to edit the Frontpage VldPersonals.

This is a beginner tutorial how to edit the frontpage (templates).
for vldpersonals. You need some knowledge in html and css.
(I made this tutorial for a few guys who ask me how to do that !)

You can read this first. (it is a beginner tutorial I made earlier on vldpersonals forum)

1. We have a few important .tpl files on vldpersonals we often need to change
then we insert new functions or mods on our sites.
(header.tpl is the first page all guest will see then they visit your site.)
(homepage.tpl is the page all logged in members will see then they are logged in.)


2. First lection is how to change/edit/delete functions from your templates.
(one guy ask me to help him with this and here I try to explain how)
(but you must know if you buy another templates it can be different !)

I had little time today so I post this quickly ;)
but will explain better later how to change it !
(but read this post first)

make a right sidebar read more
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and here is 60 mods how to change your site …

2. Second lection I will explain how we can remove the top header (your sites logo and login/sign up link)
this example is for one of luvpoints templates you can see the demo here.
(it is a guy need this solution on his site and here it is how to do that !)

and how it looks then you are logged in.

okey now we must change/delete some codes from header.tpl
(we can also hide it with css) but we will not doing it this time !
and I don´t know if he need to hide it for both logged in members and for visitors/guest.

Find this code:  open header.tpl on line 123 – 137. (can be different on another templates)

<div id=”header_wrap”>
<div id=”header”>

<h1><a href=”{virtual_path}” title=”{settings.app_title} – {settings.app_description}”>{settings.app_title}</a></h1>

<!– IF loggedin == “0” –>
{anchor:url1=”account/login/”,url2=”index.php?m=account_login”,name=”core|menu_login”,pre=”<span>”,pro=”</span>”} or
<!– ELSE –>
<!– ENDIF –>

and delete all this code  !
(your sites logo and login/sign up link)  is now deleted !
and you can only see the menu links now … no more box in the top of your header !

if you need a new loginlink on your menu, here is the code for it !

<!– IF loggedin == “0” –>
<!– ENDIF –>

Good luck with your new site !

About the Author: gugu

Hey ... I´m the owner of this site ;) If you need help customize your vldpersonals site. Please ask me and I will try to help you. Enjoy reading !

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  • hi there gugu
    in header tpl file i am try remove on top logo and log in or sign in blog just this blog will u help me please wich line do i have to delete it will be help alot to me thank u for good work

    thank you

    • I will make a guide/tutorial today how to do that !

      • its amazing gugu thank you for help realy my web look much better now

        • I´m glad I could help you …

          • Hello
            what will a template cost for vldpersonals – it can look like my curent site.?

            All the best


          • 49 – 59 USD. look here http://www.luvpoint.com

  • Hi i would like to have different color for my menu item when i hover. how can i do this, please help

    • you must edit your site.css file

      • site.css allow me to edit whole menu. but i need different color(home=green,new=blue,so on).

        • read this please

  • you’re in point of fact a just right webmaster. The web site loading velocity is amazing. It kind of feels that you’re doing any distinctive trick. Moreover, The contents are masterwork. you’ve done a great job on this subject!

    • thanks …

  • I remember when you said you where going to create a website explaining how to customized all this stuff and now I see its going on quite well. I have a question, I not familiar with this syntax:

    <a href should be equal to a url link but instead I see "{virtual_path}". Where is this virtual_path and settings.app_description located? Is it a variable for a path in another file? What does this mean?


    • Start reading this it explain all this calls …

  • i need two things in vldpersonal blackdates template.
    1. search module:
    i need here to show zip code search facility.
    2. slider on blackdates template { http://live.luvpoint.com/index.php?template=blackdates }
    here i want to add new image in image slider..

    Thanks ….

    • I can help you fix it for a fee … please contact me with details …