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How to show new users without pictures

Sometimes members don´t upload a profile pictures but the owner for the site
will show even this people on the frontpage (new members) here is the solution.

find this code on homepage.tpl

the code marked with red tell us if a member need to have a profile pictures if they will be show on frontpage.{members:limit=8,photos=1,cache_time=0,cache_name=”new”}

so if you delete the number one (1) it should work (now it show all new members)

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  • Hi,

    I did as mentioned. But its not working. Where should I put my logo and how to make the logo appear for those profiles without profile picture so that their profiles will show on the Main Page?

  • oopps ! I forgot to tell you that …
    replace user_picture_none.gif and
    user_picture_none_large.gif with you own logo images
    you can found this in your templates media folder.

  • Hey that works! But one thing, the profiles without pictures only shows when I click the tab “New Members” in the main page. Otherwise its not showing. So how to make them show on the main page without having to click the “New Members” tab?

  • above the code you had change now you have something like this:

    {members:limit=8,photos=1,cache_time=0,cache_name=”popular”, ….

    change it to:
    {members:limit=8,photos=,cache_time=0,cache_name=”popular”, ….

    so now will both popular and new members show all members !

    so to make all clear !
    the code photos=, (show all members)
    the code photos=1, (show only members with photos)