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Like Box for VldPersonals

This is a beginner tutorial how to insert a facebook like box in sidebar for vldpersonals.
it can be different between templates but later I will make another tutorial how to make it even better !


1. had you make a account for your website on facebook ?
if yes you can begin to read the tutorials now ;)

if not please start to make a account first ;)
(how to do it ? you can look at the end of this tutorials !)

2. make a copy of sidebar.tpl and save it on your computer.

(you need a copy of sidebar.tpl if something goes wrong so you can restore it !)

3. login on yours account on  facebook and follow my guide !

go to facebook developers plugins.

you will find something like this ! customize it !

then you are finished hit the get code button.

the iframe code is that you need on your site now !

4. now we should  insert some code in sidebar and then try it and test it ;)

open sidebar.tpl in a texteditor I recommend notepad ++

then you find a good place to have the like box insert the iframe code there !

I insert the code between polls and banners  on vldmods community! (login demo/demo)

the iframe code here

(you can found this code in the end of the page)


okey we can make it much better but you must edit a few more tpl files.
to get it working for you so how to do it will coming tomorrow !


if you don´t know how to make a account on facebook I will try to explain it here !

1. create a page for a celebrity, band or business.

2. you had a few alternatives and ofcourse the choice is yours.
3. my choice was this and don´t forget to write the name of your site.


4. you can change this information later then you are logged in.

5. and here is how you create your new account.

if you allready had a facebook account you can use it now to create a new one.
if not make a new account and then you can start to build your like box !

6. okey now you can start build you own like box for your vldpersonals site ;)
click on the add like box button and follow the tutorials from the beginning.

6. and the code you should use for your like box … can you find then you click on your name of your
facebook page … and look at the webbrowsers adress field … there you can see the code  for your facebook page! 


Hope you will understand the tutorials I made it quickly today but will look at it tomorrow  ;)
if you have any question please ask me and I will try to help you get it to work you can see it
working on vldmods community.


About the Author: gugu

Hey ... I´m the owner of this site ;) If you need help customize your vldpersonals site. Please ask me and I will try to help you. Enjoy reading !

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  • Hey thanks so much! It worked perfectly! :)

    • glad that i could help you